Purebred hatching eggs! Marans, Cochins, Sussex, D'anvers, Silkies and more!

Discussion in 'Chicken Hatching Eggs' started by Debs55, Jul 7, 2015.

  1. walkswithdog

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    Jul 17, 2008
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    [​IMG]A later date is fine for silkies and LF smooth cochins and a few blue or splash marans are fine, and then blue coppers and LF Frizzles in Spring works great. I picked your thread because of the crests I've seen in your posts :) I actually only keep a small group but I sort aggressively for health, hawk smarts and temperament, so I give a lot out to the surrounding families and community to encourage people to keep backyard hen pens. The more the merrier. PM when ready. I'm a very laid back poultry person, not a right now kinda gal any more. C aka Walkswithdog
  2. Debs55

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    about to send you a pm :)
  3. Debs55

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    ok taking orders for September 21st. I am open for Marans, white silkies and most likely Olive eggers. Let me know if you are interested :)
  4. Westtisbutyyard

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    Jan 22, 2015
    Do you mix ?
    Half Marans and half blue and olive?
  5. Debs55

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    Yes :) just got your pm so I'll get back to you
  6. Debs55

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    @walkswithdog I don't think I ever heard back from you but I wanted to check with you about maybe getting your order shipped out on the 28th so get back with me when you can :)
  7. Dooze

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    Mar 12, 2015
    Is it possible to get half a dozen of mix and matching?
  8. Debs55

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    yes it is :) just let me know what you would like
  9. Debs55

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    Just updated the list with who is laying now! All cochins and silkies are now laying :)
  10. Peep-Chicken

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    Jun 10, 2013
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    How big are large fowl Cochins compared with bantam Cochins? I have a banty Cochin and am curious of the size difference.


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