Purebred Silver Ameraucana Roo - Albany, OR

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    Silver Ameraucana roo - Pips&Peeps stock - 2 yrs old

    Thought I wanted to breed Silvers, but decided on Wheatens. He's not the sweetest rooster in the world, probably shouldn't be around small children, but he isn't mean. He will rush your legs, but if you carry a stick or a water nozzle he leaves you alone. [​IMG] He does a great job of fertilizing the eggs (I have yet to find one that isn't...and there are 18 hens with him!), and takes his protecting job seriously.
    I do know a family that would eat him, but that would be such a waste if there might be anyone who would like to breed Silvers. He has also papa'd some very pretty olive-eggers with my Wellsummers! I would be willing to drive a little ways to meet someone halfway, if need be.

    I also have an Olive-egger roo for $10 if you are interested. He looks very much like his papa, and is a breeding machine! He is currently working on his finesse. [​IMG] His mother is a Wellsummer, father is the Silver. He is @ 7 months old.

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