Purebred Speckled Sussex Hatching Eggs Dozen Beautiful Deep Mahogany


9 Years
Sep 19, 2010
Keswick, Virginia
This auction is for 12 purebred speckled sussex hatching eggs. My speckled sussex are by far my favorite breed. They are great layers, very friendly, and Very beautiful. Their mahogany feathers are speckled with white and black which reflects a blue/green, and sometime a purple color. Feel free to check out my website! sleepyhollowkikos.com

To insure you get the freshest eggs possible, I will begin collecting eggs as close to auction end as possible and a day or so after.

My last Ebay auction winner was in Alaska, I am in Virginia. Sent 12 eggs (auction for 8+). She had 8 hatch.

I make every effort to provide you with the highest quality, fresh eggs for hatching, and checks fertility from each variety, each egg season. However, once the eggs are shipped, factors beyond my control come into play: handing through the postal service, weather conditions, your treatment of the eggs, and incubation conditions.

Incubation is a process where you must be knowledgeable in managing temperature, humidity, turning of the eggs, timing of incubation conditions, and be able to monitor them throughout the incubation period.

For this reason, I cannot be responsible
for your hatching success or hatch rate.



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