Purebreed Rooster gaining Eye Junk Again (WARNING picture may be disturbing)

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    So a while ago my purebred rooster devolved a serious condition of Chook Pus. It lingered in one eye and stayed there. In the beginning I removed the hard pus not knowing exactly what it was. It obviously developed again in the same eye. This time harder and yellower. I set to my task to remove it again and covered it up. Not only to find no sight of any eye.

    So left with no choice but the vet that's where he headed. He was put on special medication without any specific words on what it this 'Pus' actually was. He burned through the Pills pretty quickly and his eye healed. Given the chance to see what was going on (The pus had cleared up) I looked closely and noticed his eye was pushed back and the eyeball was 'Blind'. He remained happy waddling around with his girls and eating a healthy diet. (Free range + Pellets+ Fruit) The only two things I noticed different about him was that he no longer took interest in doing his 'Business' with his girls and a bad odor drifted around his head.

    I knew something was up. Funnily enough in a matter of time the situation has developed back in his eye. It was hard to notice that it was back at first because he was acting normal being a 'little' rooster. I have seen many situations like this on BYC but I cant seem to find something that is exactly like this roosters situation.

    Before he was put on medication his neck and head feathers were completely covered in filth. You could smell the horrible odor from miles away. I tried bathing him to take away his horrific filth and stench. But....it only made it worse(I don't mind my ladies and gents getting dirty but this filthy was absolutely horrific) Now that its come back again as you may be able to spot in the picture his neck feathers are gaining SLIGHT filth.

    Im unsure of what to do now. Medication was extremely expensive and would not be worth buying again if it comes back as quickly as this. Im stuck. The odor around his head is becoming extremely worse. Home remedies? What can I do? Any one experienced this before? Im just lost.

    See Picture below please. If you look sideways at his eye it is very swollen, frontwards it just looks like a bunch of puss but it was the best picture i could take.


    Notice how his neck feathers are gaining filth again? They were pure white a week ago when he didn't have this 'Pus'

    Excuse the dirt on his beak he was foraging around before I picked him up to take a photo.
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    Sounds like Infectious Coryza.
    He will most likely need antibiotics to help clear it up (there are a few listed on the poultry site link - Streptomycin, Dihydrostreptomycin, sulphonamides, tylosin, erythromycin) Some of those you can get at the feed store, others you may need to get from the vet.
    You can flush the eye with saline and then use a qtip to try to remove as much pus as you can, then put some Vetericyn eye gel or Terramycin eye ointment in the eye.
    Infectious Coryza is contagious so you need to separate him and he is considered a carrier for life, which means it can be transmitted to others.
    There are quite a few threads with helpful info here on BYC and the web, just search at the top for "coryza".

    Coryza information:

    Medication information:
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    Did his eye clear up?
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    Quote:No, infact, it only got worse, however, he is a lot mentally better than he used to be compared to the past few weeks. Im still trying to find a solution for him... -Mustang

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