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    Sep 9, 2016
    If I bought peafowl eggs on purely poultry would I get a mix of all peafowl they offer
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    I am always suspicious of ads that say 'our choice' or you will get eggs from 'these varieties'. When buying pea eggs there are a few things you need to know.

    The earliest eggs are less likely to be fertile, that is one reason some people will sell them in the early season then quit selling them once the birds get it together.

    You are likely to get the common colors. The more expensive colors will bring hi dollars so why would they sell an egg for a few bucks when they will get ten times the money after hatching them and raising them for a few months?

    They are not chicken eggs and you should not have the same expectations for the eggs surviving shipping or developing.

    Pea eggs do not ship well and need different procedures for resting them before setting.

    Do not expect more than 25% hatch rate. If you do get better you are blessed and lucky.

    People that know what they are doing will not get much better than 40% to 50% hatch rate on non-shipped eggs. (Although you will hear some people make outrageous claims to the contrary.)

    These are the eggs I set last night. And no, I will not sell eggs at any time of the year.

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