Purina Game Bird Startena?

I've used this with no problems. It doesn't say that it's medicated on the bag, though. The tag on the bags I get just says Purina Game Bird Startena. For starting pheasants, quail, chukars, mallards, turkeys, and other exotic game birds.
I use the Purina Gamebird Startena, but mine isn't medicated. It's probably the same as with chick feed, you can get medicated or non medicated.
I guess so. What should I look for on the label to tell if it is medicated? I couldn't see anything saying it was. I did ask 2 different people at the feed store and they both said it was medicated.
Read the tag that should be sewn into the bag. It will list the ingredients including any medications that it may contain.

Usually the word "medicated" is printed on the bag somewhere as well.
Purina didn't always have 'medicated' written on the bag, they just started that recently. Read the ingredients and see if it lists Amprollium. I think the label on the chick starter used to have something like % MP at the top. I don't use medicated feed so I can't be sure. The medication (usually Amprollium) just makes Thiamine unavailable to coccidia so it can't survive.
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Every year I have the feedstore folks tear the PAPER TAGS from the bags of the 4 types of Purina Gamebird sold (like to compare for any changes - tags aren't posted on the web - only the `guaranteed analysis').

Unless Purina is introducing something new in Iowa, the Startena sold, here, has never been offered with Amprolium.

Give them a call and ask: http://www.wildlife.purinamills.com/products/ECMD2-0017382.aspx
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