Purina Horse Food Recall

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    From another group I belong too - thought I should get the word out, so please pass this along to any horse owners you might know! (The "I" in the following does not refer to me, but to the person who posted this on our Pony Club yahoogroup). I don't know if this recall affects any type of purina feed with corn, or only the horse feeds, so please do your research.

    I think it is important for all horse owners to know that Purina has issued two massive recalls this month affecting almost their entire horse feed product line. This recall was not made available to the general public. Notices went to the dealers directly. It is unconscionable that they have made no effort contact the end users. On 4/9 they recalled 27 equine products, including senior and the platform line. On 4/21 they recalled another 18 products. The problem is Aflatoxins. Aflatoxins are toxic and one of the most carcinogenic substances known. They can cause liver disfunction, immune suppression,and neurological difficulties.
    I contacted Purina Customer Service, they are answering all questions regarding the recall. Aflotoxin is a fungus that grows on corn. This fungus was found in the corn in their Harrisburg, PA plant. So, if your Purina feed contains corn and may be distributed from the Harrisburg area I would call and inquire:

    1-800-227-8941, available between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm CST
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    Glad I switched from Strategy to Reliance a while back. Thanks for the post!

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