Purina Layena in Riverside, CA

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by mcqueen420, Jan 22, 2010.

  1. mcqueen420

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    Dec 17, 2009
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    Anyone know where I can find the Purina brand foods, specifically Flockraiser and Layena in Riverside, CA? I have been having a hard time finding them, even finding a place that will order them because of some kind distribution regulations Purina has in having their products at stores that are too close together. I am specifically in the Lake Elsinore area, Thanks.[​IMG]
  2. mstricer

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    Feb 12, 2009
    Did you check their web page. It should be able to direct you. Plus when I went to the page I watched a video and took a survey or something and got a chickie egg timer in the mail. Heres their web page. http://www.poultrynutrition.com/
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  3. mcqueen420

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    Dec 17, 2009
    Lake Elsinore, CA
    Yeah I went on the website and tried all of the recommended local dealers. They only carry the Purina Horse products and other livestock products. I have asked places if they could order it for me but have never received any calls back and always get severely questioned as to why I want it and not the local cheap brand.
  4. chickenma

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    Sep 8, 2008
    North Carolina
    You can tell them that most cheap brands don't have a complete feed. Most of the time you have to feed extra vitamins or oyster shell next to the feed.
  5. colleen123

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    Mar 5, 2013
    Southern California
    Hey there, I too am from Lake Elsinore. what a small world ha? I am looking for this feed as well I have a free coupon for a bag and I need to use it. Im thinking the feed and tack store in wildomar off of baxter might have it. I have to call today and see. Ill let ya know if they do or not. What kid of birds do you have? I have one Bo and two RI

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