Purina Mills coop modified somewhat.

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    Jan 24, 2013
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    I sort of started off with the Purina Mills coop, but modified it a bit, (well a lot) I basically used the Purina mills as a guide, but went in a total different direction.
    I am not an experienced carpenter but I am a lady that can handle some power tools and a hammer. I was just flying by the seat of my pants. There are many mistakes, but I keep telling myself it is just a chicken coop. I expanded it to a 4' x 6'. I moved the chicken nest boxes to the back. The pop door to the side. A big access door to the other side. Big ventilation windows on the front and back and little ones on both sides. I am also going to make an access door on the lower front so I can take out the poop tray for cleaning.
    This is the roof.

    Working on the frame and floor. I used 4" x4" post at the corners.

    It has been moved to it's proper place.

    This is my Kitty Catio that I built so my indoor kitties can safely have
    a little outdoor time. They have a kitty door in the laundry room window
    and can go in and out whenever they want. They are going to love watching the chickens.

    I now have the siding on and need to paint. This is the last photo I took the other day. It stormed all day
    and I didn't get a thing done on it today.

    Thanks for looking. I will get a picture posted of the finished coop hopefully in a couple of weeks. "
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    Jan 8, 2012
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    Lookin' good! [​IMG] Love the kitty katio too! Give us updates along the way.

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