Purina or Dumor?

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    Oct 5, 2010

  2. I used to feed Dumor. A couple months ago, Purina had a special and said what a difference it made. I suppose they spend a fortune on R&D but I noticed no difference. I now feed a product from Amish country. $10.69 per bag. If I buy 40 bags it's .50 off per bag. 20 bags is .25 off per.
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    Dumor is the TSC house brand made by Purina and since they are both made from the same place and some say it's the exact same feed. However, I've never read the label to see the difference and have only used Purina, never tried Dumor. Some people swear that when they switched to Purina that the poop no longer smelled bad and it's from the feed mix being all plant based, others say that the Dumor has animal protein in it that the chickens need since they are omnivors like humans. So.....????
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    I don't think they are "precisely" the same, but the difference is inconsequential, for the most part. DuMor is nothing more then generic Purina for TSC.
    As for which is "better"? That's a matter of opinion, I guess. They are both adequate, let me just leave it at that. Overpriced, for certain.

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    Smelling different in the resultant poop is one thing, probably some minor difference. But, AFAIK, DuMor is as vegetarian as regular, branded Purina. How I wish there actually was animal protein in either of them, but alas, no. Again, they are both Purina made to slightly different formulas and ever so slightly different contents, perhaps, but at $15 and $16 a bag? Ouch! Too rich for my blood. Far too much trucking costs involved and padded to the price.
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    Quote:Guaranteed Analysis:
    Crude Protein (min.) 16.00%, Lysine (min.) .70%, Methionine (min.) .35%, Crude Fat (min.) 2.50%, Crude Fiber (max.) 7.00%, Calcium (Ca) (min.) 3.80%, Calcium (Ca) (max.) 4.80%, Phosphorus (P) (min.) .50%, Salt (NaCl) (min.) .25%, Salt (NaCl) (max.) .75%, Ruminant meat and bone meal free.

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    Comparing a Dumor tag from a bag bought August 2 and a Purina bag bought September 23)both tags from 16% layer pellets), the most significant difference is that the Dumor lists "animal protein" as an ingredient, and claims slightly more lysine, methionine, and calcium than the Purina. Both labels, of course, are wonderfully vague about ingredients. "Processed grain by-products, grain products..." Oh, good. Some of the ingredients came from a farm. [​IMG] "Animal protein". Okay. Fish meal? Porcine meat meal?

    I don't see a lot of difference in laying between the two feeds, and frankly, there are too many variables to be sure anyway. I wouldn't say that either is dramatically better than the other.
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    At my TSC only the 24% Dumor contains animal protein the rest are vegetarian like Purina.

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    $15 is standard price for #40 bags around here, too

    Some might say that is the price we have to pay now there's a push to turn food in to fuel (I haven't had a steak in years [​IMG])
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