Purina "Rule the Roost" Sweepstakes and Facebook

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by Ohhhdear, Jul 20, 2011.

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    Aug 15, 2010
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    I love Purina. I feed my girls Flock Raiser and other Purina goodies. So I was happy to see the new Sweepstakes on BYCF.

    HOWEVER........ when I clicked on the link it took me to Facebook and wanted me to give permission for Purina to capture my personal information, copy my friends list, and take all sorts of data which I prefer not to make public. What's with making a Facebook enablement a requirement to participate in a sweepstakes??! Whatever happened to just putting your name and address on a form?

    I lock down my Facebook account pretty tightly because there's so much nastiness, spam, and identity theft going around, from information greedily picked up from people's personal Facebook accounts. I know many people use Facebook differently than I do and allow any Tom, Dick, and Harry to have complete access to all their personal information. Not me. I don't want anybody but my friends to see anything but a very basic Home page for their protection as well as my own. So why would I grant ANYONE permission to burrow into my account and take any personal information about me AND my friends they want to use?

    In other words, DO YOU KNOW WHAT THEY WILL DO WITH YOUR INFORMATION (AND YOUR FRIENDS' INFORMATION TOO) ONCE THEY'VE GRABBED IT FROM YOUR FACEBOOK ACCOUNT?? Why should you trust them? Who will you blame when your identity is stolen, your house is robbed because you've let everyone in the world see your ongoing Facebook blog and knows where you are and what you're doing? Won't your list of friends be thrilled that you've helped them be added to some corporation's sales list (or worse)?

    This, btw, is not the first or only company which teases us with a cool product/service and then insists on gathering data from your Facebook account before letting you continue. I routinely deny permission, shrug my shoulders, and go on without whatever it was that tempted me to participate.

    I know Purina is most likely trustworthy, but I don't know who's running the Sweepstakes and gathering this information, or what they'll do with it once they've finished compiling it. Sell it to whom? I should enable the stealing of my privacy any more than it already has been?

    Please, Purina.... isn't there an alternative method of entering the Sweepstakes?

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    I know a number of years back there were laws made about contest rules to prevent abuse by the companies hosting contests. This was long before home computers were available, but they could well have been tightened since then. I too would not participate in any contest that is grabbing that much personal information about me. All they need to know is my contact information in case I win, IMO. Therefore, contests that require extensive overkill in personal information, I ignore. Quite frankly, much as I like BYC, I do not want them sponsoring contests that require giving out excessive personal information.

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