Purple Comb - very subdued

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  1. Grandcluck

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    Mar 4, 2012
    Queensland, Australia
    Hi all,

    I have Australorps ( Australian Drought Chickens), about 2 years old, one girl has developed a purple comb in the last 2 days - first she went to bed early on a rainy, overcast day ( found her on the roost perch at 3pm in the afternoon) and yesterday afternoon after work she was hiding behind the compost bin with a purple comb and eyes mostly shut - looking very crook. we sprayed for lice/ticks/mites asap, cleaned out and put her somewhere dry. felt around her abdomen but nothing swollen, she is sort of slowly shaking or vibrating, but no rattle i could hear. Very worried for her, she has only just pooped for the first time in a day (at the least) white urine with clear fluid surrounding. I have on ly had our flock of 6 for 14months and don't know an awful lot about treatments. Can anyone suggest treatment?

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