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    So this year we decided to have chickens! I've never had them before and it's been very interesting! We are currently in the process of building our coop and this is what we have so far.

    We still have to put the roof on the run. I used chicken wire, which people have been saying is a bad idea, but I plan on using some old hardwire mesh that we have in the barn to make a skirt along the bottom of the run. The skirt is going to extend up to the middle board of the run so it will be a double layer, plus I plan on burying the skirt. I also have these awesomely large rocks that I'm going to put along the outside of the run as well. Hopefully this will keep my in-laws dogs out.

    Still have to finish the inside of the coop as well. I'm going to paint it and put linoleum down on the floor. I also still need to figure out the board for my chickens to walk on to get out of the coop.Then, add the roost and drill some holes for ventilation and voila! Chicken Coop! :) I cannot wait to be done with this project and to have my chickens outside, instead of in my house! :)

    I'll post more pics as we finish!



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    Nice coop.
    Be sure to post a picture when finished

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