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Aug 3, 2020
I saw a few videos where a chicken is purring while being pet. I decided to mimic this sound with my chicks that are 3 weeks today. I can only assume they liked it. I was in my home office working and heard loud chirps. Went in to see what was going on and they are at the mesh screen I normally appear. I have a large round puppy playpen and they can see around and above them. I said hey, what is going on. Chatter Chatter. Excitement all standing in front of that mesh screen. Bet they thought it was mealworm time. They were really chattery and one jumped on the heater and looked at me then jumped off back at mesh. The behavior reminded me of your dogs when they don't see you for a while but I visit my chicks a lot during the day. The fedex truck went by, yippee, the bird mirror toy, and xylophone. Think they are bored so got them some toys. They did not like the truck and got really scared. Loud squawks so I thought let's purr and see what happens. Squawking stopped and they looked at me in what seemed like confusion and a few seconds later started hunkering down as if roosting but on the flat surface of the pen. Began closing their eyes and then heads forward or to the side and now we are sleeping. I can only assume the sound comforted them yet I don't look like a hen.


Sep 6, 2016
Did you ever let them listen to you tube of a mother hen and chicks? My baby chicks were stupefide when I streamed you tube on TV of a mother hen and chicks. Their necks stretched up and they didn't blink or make a peep! Eventually they sat down and slept! Maybe they understood what the hen was saying!!

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