Putting 1 week old chicks outside?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by chrisxweaver, Apr 5, 2017.

  1. chrisxweaver

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    Oct 30, 2016
    Before you get super mad I understand that they should be kept at 90 degrees. I plan to put 1 250w heat lamp and 1 150w heat lamp and seeing if they are cold The coldest its going to be is 60 degrees. If they are cold I will bring them inside but i have no Predators except cats but i have preditor profed theyre run so is this a big no no or is it doable?
  2. WalnutHill

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    Mar 16, 2014
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    I have my one week olds in an outdoor brooder cage. They have a 1' x 2' hover in the brooder box. It's 40 degrees out and the Freedom Rangers are a little unhappy but the other chicks are okay with it.
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    100% doable.
    I don't raise birds inside, too messy/dusty.
    Check your temp with just one lamp, both may be way too warm.
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    Put them out but, double check the coop, to make SURE nothing can get in to get them.
    Triple check it.

    Can you post a pic or two of the coop?
  5. WalnutHill

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    Mar 16, 2014
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    Let me clarify too, they are too young to be in a run, they should be in the coop. Some make a whole brooder room, I use brooder boxes (keeps them from wandering and getting into trouble, but also requires close monitoring of heat).
  6. azygous

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    Chicks at one week don't need to be in a 90 degree brooder. Only one spot right beneath the lamp needs to be warm, and even 90 may be more than they need. You need to watch their behavior to determine how warm they really need it to be. Some chicks at one week don't like it any warmer than 80F under the lamp, and much cooler in the rest of the brooder. They do need cool space to shed excess heat.

    Many of us brood out baby chicks in our covered runs. My chicks, at one day old, have a heating pad that is around 85 degrees under it. The rest of their brooding pen is no warmer than the warmest day in spring, around 50F. At night, it's in the 30s. Chicks don't need to be kept in a warm space as long as they have a warm spot to warm up under.

    You may take your chicks outdoors anytime as long as you watch them carefully and bring them back indoors when they show signs of chilling. It's actually a very good way to encourage feather growth and to get them used to cooler temps. They will be ready to move outdoors into their coop at a much earlier age.

    And no one here at BYC is going to get mad at you for asking questions!
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