Putting a new young roo in with a mature hen

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Trinity3205, Jun 2, 2010.

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    So I have 2 probable extra roosters in my approx 3 month old black bantam cochin lot and white topped polish lot (one of them is all black tho). I also have a lone game type bantam hen probably over a year old in a small coop perfect for two that was given to me a month or so ago and was in with roosters before I got her. She is black with a reddish head. Id like to give her a mate. She is laying daily.

    How old should the rooster be before I put him in with her?

    Should I worry they will fight?

    Would you pick the polish or the cochin as a cross?

    We use the chickens for eggs and the extra roos we get will likely end up meat if that matters on the cross. We are brand new with chickens so I have never introduced any before. I dont want them to get hurt.
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    For me, with the bantams, I would wait until you see some signs of maturity - starting to crow or show interest in the pullets he is with (some of my bantams start early - 9 weeks) then I would place him with your lonely hen.

    They very well might fight - to show who is the boss (might not be the roo for a bit), just make sure it does not get bloody and they have room to leave each other alone. If you can, before putting them together - cage the roo in with the hen and give him an area she cannot get into. Let them look and talk to each other for a couple days to 10 days before they can actually touch/peck each other.

    As for which one - up to you. I have no polish but do have cochins, so for me I would pick cochin just cause mine are mostly gentle with others. I eat my cross roos also - yum.

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