Putting a thermostat OUTSIDE of the incubator?? Thoughts and opinions?

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    Mar 21, 2008
    An excerpt from a book .......

    While wrestling with this incubator problem a wonderful discovery
    was made. This was that a regulator should be attached to the outside
    of the machine as well as the inside, in order to anticipate any change
    of temperature on the inside. This outside regulator works in conjunction
    with the one on the inside and the two keep an absolutely
    even temperature.
    You see, all the other inventors of incubators have been trying to
    regulate their machines from the inside and anyone can see that it is
    the outside temperature that causes variations. So I put my regulator
    on the outside. The inside temperature of a machine does not change
    as the outside temperature changes. If the machine is to be regulated
    from a thermostat on the outside, then the temperature must vary
    before the regulator can work. The inside of a machine is a poor place
    for a thermostat, for it cannot work with accuracy. Anyone can see
    that the inside temperature only changes with that outside.
    I also have a thermostat inside to take care of the animal heat that
    arises from the eggs as incubation proceeds. This is connected with
    the one on the outside and the two work in conjunction on the flame
    at the lamp. If the outside temperature lowers the least the flame is
    increased to take care of it. If the inside temperature tends to raise
    from the animal heat the flame is lowered accordingly. Only juet so
    much flame as is needed is used. The gates on the flame open and shut
    with the variations of temperature and can never clog up as those
    sleeve devices sometimes do. These gates tend to create a gas from
    the oil so that the wick is not consumed and complete combustion and
    a very hot flame are secured. So absolutely delicate is this regulating
    device that when once set the thermometer can be taken out and the
    hatch run through successfully. When the doors of the machine are
    opened to turn the eggs the flame immediately comes up to take care
    of this variation so that in a very few minutes after eggs are turned
    the temperature is back to normal.

    Any thoughts on this???? I thought this was interesting for those of us that build our own incubators. How would you even go about doing such a thing? How exactly would it work??

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