Putting an almost-ready egg under a newly broody duck?

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    Jan 22, 2013
    I had a sweet little broody Muscovy sitting on a clutch of 8 eggs up until 2-3 weeks ago. 5 of the 8 showed development when candled. She was near the fence in their run which extends to the end of our property. We have metal roofing panels buried under the fence to prevent the neighbor's not-so-friendly dogs from getting into our yard.

    I was confident the dogs couldn't get in the way we have the metal placed. It never in a million years would have occured to me that they would dig enough dirt out on their side to make her eggs roll downhill into their yard but they sure did. I looked over the fence as soon as I saw what happened but the eggs were gone. :( There was one lonely egg left in her nest. She was searching frantically. I moved the remaining egg but never could get her to sit on it. I ended up putting it in our incubator.

    A different Muscovy just went broody 2 days ago. She has 5 eggs under her (I collected several as soon as she started sitting on Saturday). The egg in our incubator should hatch any day now.

    I would prefer the duckling be raised by an actual duck if possible. Have any of you ever put a near-ready egg under a duck who just started sitting? I know they have good instincts and I just wonder if she will know that her eggs shouldn't be hatching yet and reject or possibly harm the single duckling.

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!
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    Do you want her to hatch the other eggs also?
    I do not know anything about ducks but I have before had a hen that was broody and as I didn't want her to sit and lose weight I let her sit 2 days and then I gave her chicks that I bought and she was very happy and took them. I do not think chickens or ducks really can count the days[​IMG]
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    That duck may leave the nest of 2 day old embryos the single duckling that is due to hatch soon.

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