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    Apr 10, 2009
    NW Indiana
    I've been giving my young rooster my own version of Stinkeye lately.

    He's been a PITA and I need to keep an eye on him when I'm out with them or risk getting pecked from behind.
    Not every single time, or he'd already be renamed Stew, but often enough so he's edging up my List.
    Usually if I walk him down he behaves for a while, but those hormones are awfully strong.

    Then yesterday I had the flock out freeranging all day and around 5P when I was getting ready to go feed the horses, I heard him squawking like all getout.
    Looked out my front door just in time to see him running from a large dog - my new neighbor's lab-mix.
    Lucky for John the dog was play-chasing or he'd have been a goner for sure.
    I was mad as heck - unleashed dog crossed the road to get onto my property - WTH?

    By the time I got out there, I found the hens had all gone to cover underneath the trees or bushes and John had "taken a bullet" for his girls.
    He was fine but mighty upset & vocal about it.
    Dog had disappeared back across the road and noone in sight to talk to about it.

    So for now John gets a reprieve from Freezer Camp.
    And I guess it's time to make myself known to the new neighbors.

    Unleashed dog crossing the road has a very good chance of getting hit by a car.
    Unleashed dog on my property chasing my chickens has a very good chance of getting taken to the pound.
    If I had a gun & knew how to use it I might remind them that dogs chasing livestock can legally be shot here.
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    Apr 11, 2011
    Shapleigh, Maine
    Whew! It sounds like Johns dedication to his girls helped him out just in the nick of time. My roo, would have pushed his girls out in front of him as to keep the dog at bay! Time to meet the neighbors for sure. Glad your chickens are all safe!
  3. bobbi-j

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    Mar 15, 2010
    On the MN prairie.
    The neighbors don't have to know you don't have a gun... [​IMG]

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