Putting Babes in with Adults


8 Years
Sep 5, 2011
Yesturday I put my 1 month old chicks and their mama in with the big girls.

I had a seperate pen for them and I put them in there, with it lifted up so they could crawl out, and they did.
The adult hens, just kept coming over to them and checking them out.
So after awhile, I let them all out with the mama and the fight began.
Only 1 hen challenged the mama, mama is the highest on the pecking order, so I think this helped out alot.
The challenger a large silver laced wyandotte, got too close to one of the babes and mama ran over and with a swift jump and a latching unto the neck featers, put her back in her place.
Funny thing is the highest mama is my only bantam, a RIR....She was in charge the whole day and night. They all slept together in coop.
All was well this morn. and I am so proud of her.
5 huge hens,, bowing down to my lil RIR...............SO CUTE...........IN THIS CASE, SIZE DOESN'T MATTER.

Oh yeah, she is a foster mama too, got the fertilized eggs from a farm, and have a mixture "8" of mutt babes.

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