Putting bantams outside


Jun 18, 2021
Heyhi have silkies and brown leghorns and the brown leghorns have wing feathers since they can sort of fly but the silkies dont. I do need to know though what is the earliest stage i can put them outside. They turn a month on the 28 i will get pictures of them soon
They can be outside from day one given the right temperature.
Where are you located? Climate?
That information is the answer to your question.
Day old chicks can be outside with a mother hen down to below freezing.
With a brooder plate or other warming device, same goes for incubator hatched chicks.
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I live in kentucky get down to about 60 at night and there 8n a brooder but i want them outside but my other hens dont like them cause there so little i also dont have electricity in any coop or thing so is that ok even though i dont have a mama hen
Without electricity, at 60 F I would probably wait till 5 weeks to get them out but keep in mind, it is only 60 for a very short period of the day. 8 chicks should be able to keep each other warm at your temps by 4 weeks. At least I would have them out by then.
It sounds like your bigger problem is combining them with an established older flock. They should have their own outdoor quarters till they are nearly the size of the adults.
Yes ok and umm there are six and the low os 60 and the high is like 80 to 90 so thats fine right there 4 weeks old right now

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