putting chickens together?

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    May 23, 2007
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    I tried last week to add my 7 (7 week old chicks with my 4 (11 & 12 week chickens)

    didn't work!

    after a day and night of 7 week ones in corners & not able to eat (even though I added an extra feeder & waterier)

    I moved 7 week out!

    Both ages are in coop just in separated areas! ((the small area I call my play pen))

    *Is there away I can hurry this along???

    I have chicks in bathtub 1wk
    I would like to move by next week

    because I have more coming from Ideal!
    [​IMG] I am stopping after this at least till the spring!
  2. polychickens

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    Apr 23, 2007
    I mixed these ages. I had 15 each. It takes a little more than one day/night for everyone to settle in. I added another 15 younger ones without too many problems later.

    If you are rationing out a certain amount of feed, consider giving enough that it is 'free choice' if you are concerned that the younger ones are not getting feed. The older ones will eat until they have had all they want and then they will care less if the younger birds hit the feeder. Just make sure you put out enough feed that the older birds cannot possibly eat it all.

    I have also had luck feeding the young ones by diverting the older ones to the run with some scratch(aka chicken crack cocaine). The younger ones can then hit the feeder while the older chickens are free-basing in the run.

    It will work out. Keep in mind that the younger ones will be dominated until ALL of your chickens are grown. At that point, the pecking order will change a bit as they blend in as peers.

    Good luck!

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