Putting Chicks Outside for the Night


6 Years
Apr 1, 2013
What is the coldest temp that chicks can go outside for the night (in a chicken coop/tractor) I am first time chick-mom. My chicks are four weeks old and they seem to have a lot of feathers..... I have been letting them out into their chicken tractor coop/pen during the day when it is over 60 degrees, but bringing them in at night. At what night temperature will they be okay to leave out in their coop all the time? Is 50 degrees at night warm enough?
I had to put my 5-week-olds out in the coop because they were too restless.

There were fully feathered but since the temperature still fluctuate widely, I moved the heat lamp in the coop and turned it on and observe.
Thanks I will give that a try! My chicks are very restless and I feel bad for them in their little brooding box!

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