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  1. I just ordered 12 chicks from my feed store,6 americauna and 6 black stars. They will be here in about 3 weeks. I have a order from idea coming at the end of april of various breeds. I will brood them separately but when i plan my coop can i put them together?
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    It's lonely when noone responds to your thread, I know.

    There are many using the forum that know much more than I, but they are probably busy, so I'll give you what I know about combining chickens.

    You can put chickens together after a "get-acquainted" time of several days, where they are separated only by wire and they can't get too aggressive with each other. This is especially true of older chickens, but I suspect the same should be done with younger babies. After they've gotten acquainted thru wire, let them be together. You'll see them establish their pecking order and it won't be friendly, but hopefully, won't do anything too hurtful.

    You'll likely have more roosters than will get along, so anticipate having to place them with someone else. If you have small bantam hens, a big rooster could hurt them, so pick your rooster according to the size of your hens.

    Have fun with your new babies. They'll be cute, and you'll have fun trying to figure out who is what breed! Good luck. Pat
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    I would wait till the youngest chicks are about a week old, and then brood them all together. That way you will have less problems when they are older and don't know each other.
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    I had 10 2 week old chicks and I added 2 more with out anyproblem. I think they are all still small enough.
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    I wouldn't be overly concerned about it. They're going to squabble over pecking order no matter what you do - incessantly, in fact. Since you will have mixed ages (one month apart), it will be better to get it over with and and hope for the best.

    You can do what has been said and build a special holding pen for each group and let them holler at each other from their "turf," but I wouldn't fool with it. I was told by an old "chicken lady" how to handle this and it has worked for me ever since. It takes advantage of the chickens natural social tendencies.

    What I'd do is keep them apart until nightfall. Since they will still be brooding then, you should already be running brooding lights so that at night, the brooder area is in shadows for the most part. This way, they quickly adapt to a diurnal cycle and sleep like normal "people" do. Then when they are all settled down, slip the one group in with the others as quietly as possible.

    In the morning, turn on all the lights and make a big commotion. Fill the feeders and waterers with a big, messy fuss. Chickens flee danger together, being flock birds and they feed together for the same reasons. These activities are "bonding" for them.

    Your little peepers will be so worried as a group about both YOU (the big noisy giant) and getting to the food that they will forget to fight very much (at least not more than usual).

    Try it.

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