putting chicks under broody hens?


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May 1, 2007
How do people feel out there about putting chicks under broody hens. My hens Have already raised there own babies before. How would I go about getting them to excpet them , if I was to do it. thank you for all your help in advance. wendy
I have done it a few times before. I move the broody to a safe spot away from the other chickens, make sure she settles there for a couple days, then in the dark of the night I put the chicks underneath and take out the eggs. I wear something with really long sleeves and keep the chick in my hand up in the sleeve, stick my hand underneath, then push my hand out of the sleeve and put the chick in, take out an egg or 2, then repeat. That way if she pecks me my hand is protected and I can disturb her as little as possible. This has worked really well. I usually have only tried it with "good broodies" that have raised chicks before and are fairly tame and used to handling.
I am getting an Ideal order to share with my mom in 2 weeks and really hope her silkie goes broody soon so she can raise my mom's portion of the order. If I have to brood them I will get attached!
thank you! I'll move a hen to night and give them a day or two then move the babies in. they have had there own babies before so maybe it will take.

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