putting different colors of d'Anvers together.....what goes with what?

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    Ok, I hatched 13 d'Anvers eggs a couple months ago...ALL were supposed to be mille fleur, but I somehow got a mixed bag of colors and the breeder won't respond [​IMG] I am positive all colors are pure, just got from a variety of pens. I need to know what colors can go with what so I know who to get rid of
    I did get a pair of mille fleur [​IMG] ALSO got 1 lav pullet, 1 porcelain roo, 1 quail(brown/black) pullet, quite a few cuckoo (maybe even a blue cuckoo roo) and I think that's it. I will check tomorrow to see if I missed anyone. I don't want to have a lot of pens and wanted to know if any "mixes" will make any other accepted color(like lav x mille fleur?)
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    Quote:1. mille / lav / porcelain

    or maby you can make lav cuckoo [​IMG] i think
    1. cuckoo / lav
    and with the quail [​IMG]
    who is the breeder i want some milles [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Quote:Boggy Bottom Bantams has Milles along with gillions of other colors and I've seen his birds and they all look great, and he sells and ships eggs and chicks.

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