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    Apr 8, 2007
    I know there are other forums on topics like this but I couldnt seem to find the answer to my questions so I am gonna ask here...

    I have a buff you has 4 two week old chicks with her. She has been separateed since she started sitting from the other two reds she rooms with. The last three or four days I have been letting her free range with her babies while my reds were also out. Actually- it wasnt my intention but she broke free of the small enclosure I was trying to keep her in to let her get some exersice.

    Anyway---since they were all free ranging well, I tried putting her back in with the reds in their pen with her babies. I waited a bit and sat in there with them, and no one seemed to care about the others presence.

    Here is my ?'s; if they do fine until this evening, can I house them together tonight?? WIll they still hurt each other. Or should I put buff and baby back in their temp coop for the night.

    Also, can my reds eat the medicated feed (For coccidia) with no harm?? I heard you can still eat the eggs on the medicated feed due to the type of medication it was, but will it hurt any immunity my adult chickens already have??
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    I'd try it...as for the medicated...I wouldn't worry too much about it...It's more for antibiotics.

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