Putting the Incubator away


Pearl of the Prairie
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Mar 12, 2010
Southeast Texas
I have been incubating straight since April of this year!!!
I just finished my last hatch and will be cleaning and storing my bator. It's such a weird feeling not to be incubating anything! What do I do with myself now?? I keep thinking about setting more and even buying some eggs, but I also know I need a little break too.

How do I handle this incubating withdrawls, yikes!!!!

Anyone with me?
Yup, I put mine away about 2 weeks ago, and it too had been full ever since late April.

It's just too hard in harsh, northern climates to do this in the winter. If I lived on a farm, was rich (yeah, those two things don't usually go together, I know) and had a big heated barn it would be OK, but I live in the 'burbs, and can't exactly keep birds in the house all winter.

It was kind of sad cleaning it up and putting it away, but hey, October is already half gone, that leaves me about 4 1/2 months until I can get it out again. In March, two things I am really looking forward to -- making maple syrup and getting some goose eggs to hatch. Maybe it will make the winter not seem so long, dark, and cold.
My bators have been cleaned and stored since the end of April... but in December they'll be out and running again... and my wife will be rolling her eyes and saying 'Why are you doing this?"
I turned off my last one yesterday after my last hatch. I have vowed to leave all of them off until Feb/Mar 2011. If some of my special birds start laying then all bets are off.
I know it's so hard to wait it out over the winter, and to be honest here in Texas they aren't harsh at all. I technically could keep them going, but I need a little break, there I said it, ha ha...

Now if you OE and BCM start laying all bets are off, lol!!
I'm in my first, full-blown rush of incubating, so I'm not ready to put 'em away yet. However, I may turn off a couple of them as they go empty later this month, and just work with the smaller Brinsea MiniAdvance units, instead of loading up the Octagon 20 Advance units again.
I finished my last batch the first of September...cleaned the incubator and put it away....Now, I already have plans to build another new brooder for next year...so with that being said, I plan on starting it up around April or the end of March.....
mine have been cleaned, but not put away. they are on standbye. and my silkies, well there is no unpluging them. i had two set hatch out chicks in january. it snowed the day after they hatched. they all did fine. they are such good mommys.
My bator was runnng from Dec of this year until May then the broodys took over for me:) Now the bator came back out 10 days ago and "should" only be running for 2 more weeks-but I might hatch out some of mine:) IDK yet depends on how much space I can find??

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