Putting vinegar in water? What is this?

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  1. Ok so my chicks are 2-4 days old, so 4 questions! [​IMG]

    1) I heard adding vinegar to their water is something good to do. Should I do this or not?

    2) What is the ratio for a quart of water?

    3) Someone also said ACV (apple cider vinegar). Is this better than plain ole' vinegar?

    4) Do I keep this on them thier entire life?

    [​IMG] Thanks in advance!
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    I neever heard that but I do add a little sugar to the water for the first week
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    Don't know about for chicks or ducklings, but apple cider vinegar is a general tonic often used both in livestock water and in human water. For goats, it helps with chronic mastitis as well as other things. In humans, it helps with various fungal infections, and as a general tonic.

    I don't know what the ratio would be, but I would certainly keep it very low for ducklings--it's pretty acidic.

    And apple cider vinegar--the real stuff--is much better than plain white vinegar. Be careful--some brands now sell "apple cider-flavored vinegar" which is just white vinegar flavored like apple cider. The real stuff contains lots of vitamins and other things that are very healthy. The stock it is made from (apples) makes a big difference in the end product.

    Sorry I'm not more help on dosage...
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    I've used Raw Apple Cider Vinager for years for people and animals. All kinds of animals. I buy mine at the health food store.

    It's a personal choice. I think it helps for optimal health.

    The ratio is 1 teaspoon per gallon of water.
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    I get a big jug of RAW organic apple cider vinegar at the health food store and add a glug ([​IMG]) to the water. I just read it on here and it's supposed to have good health benefits (for us too!) such as boosted immunity and stuff? I use a electrolyte/probiotic in the water for the first 2 weeks then switch to acv. I know many people on here use it, hopefully someone can be more helpful then I was...[​IMG]
  8. This is from another thread...Speckled Hen posted this:

    "Organic unfiltered ACV helps with pasty bums, too. A TBSP to a quart waterer for a few days. And you don't want to put it in metal waterers due to the acidity."

    It is my understanding the Apple Cider Vinegar should have the 'mother' in it to achieve the results mentioned in various threads.

    I suggest you use the 'search' option and put in ACV.
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    1) Are you feeding medicated chick feed? If you are, it is not necessary now. Wait until they are older and you put them outside and/or take them off of medicated feed.

    2) 1 teaspoon per quart of water. (Edit to add:) This will vary according to taste. Some chickens do not like the taste of vinegar. I've read quanties ranging from 1 Teaspoon to 1/2 oz. per gallon of water. Use your own judgement and the chicks will let you know.

    3) Organic ACV with the mother included. It's used as a parasitic. Not any old plain vinegar will work as expected.

    4) You may. or you can stop and start depending on the season, health, $$, time, ...etc.

    HTH, [​IMG]
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  10. Tjanks you guys! I have a big problem with past bums! I want to know if i hurt a chick? [​IMG] I got the poop off but its "opening" is moving up and down sorta. Is it ok? I am so worried I hurt it, and it is my favorite chick too! Please help! [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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