Putting weight on a patient

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    Hello All! I have a Mille Fleur d'Uccle hen who is on her way to recovery from a terrible respiratory illness. Thanks to y'alls advice and help she is going to make it. However, she has lost a lot of weight from being sick and I need to get her fattened up again. Once again, I need some knowledgeable help in what the best and quickest way to put weight back on her is. She is still getting Tylan 50 injections (4th day), probiotcis/electrolytes, and I've been scrambling a few eggs w/honey in the morning and night for her in addition to regular feed. Any advice on what to feed her or do for her to get her plump again?!?! Thank you so much BYC! You have saved this sweet girl:D
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    I suggest food high in protein. Gamebird feed with at least 20% protein. Also nuts/seeds that are high in protein.
    Keep the food bowl filled at all times.

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