Putting weight on a sick button quail.

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    Aug 13, 2011
    My indoor button quail has a nasty case of bumblefoot and a respiratory infection. The vet prescribed antibiotics and betadine soaks for his legs, which we have been doing since yesterday. Jabberwocky has been eating pretty well, but today his keel feels very sharp and his back looks very boney. The vet is closed at the moment so I haven't called her for advice yet. Is there anything I can feed the little guy to help him put some weight on while he recovers?

    His food dish normally contains gamebird crumbles from the feed store, finch seed mix, crushed Taste of the Wild cat food, and Harrisons bird pellets. He also gets a cooked bean/grain mix that I make for my parrots, mealworms, and fresh greens. I normally give him a big flat dish to browse so he can pick what he wants to eat, and he seems to eat a bit of everything.
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    Quote:If he'll eat some cooked egg yolk that may help. sounds like he's pretty pampered, I hope he gets over the infections.

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