Putting young Silkies with bigger LF pullets?


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May 14, 2009
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I need some advice from some experienced people. I have 8 (LF) pullets. 6 of them are about 9-10 weeks old. 2 of them are a bit older... say 12-13 weeks. Last week I gave in to 3 evil Silkies. They were calling to me and I couldn't resist
One of the silkies is around 12 weeks (probably a roo) and the other 2 are more like 7-8 weeks. Obviously they're much smaller than my large fowl pullets of similar age. Right now the silkies are starting week 2 of their 4-week quarantine. They are in the chicken tractor my DH built me specifically for quarantining new birds and housing future broodies w/eggs or chicks. I'm concerned about safely joining the 2 groups. Can this be done? Will the LF pullets hurt or kill the little pretties? I thought I adored my pullets until I got these silkies. I think I love them.
I couldn't bare it if they were hurt or bullied. Anybody have any experiences to draw from?


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Mar 31, 2009
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This has been asked several times, and if you use the search feature at the top of the page, in the blue line of words, you'll probably find lots of suggestions.

I "Think" I read that silkies and LF don't do as well together is you don't have plenty of room. Silkies don't roost either, so you have to take that into account. Their little heads are sensitive to pecking. If one of the larger LF pecks hard enough, it can cause brain damage.

But that is only going off memory of what I've read! I have NO personal experience with this, so please try searching to see what others have posted.

I wish you the bestest of luck with your flock!!!


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Aug 24, 2008
Our Silkies are older than our other banties and LF pullets but that doesn't stop them from ruling the coop. They are the queens and make sure the other chickens know it. It cracks me up because they are about six months older than the pullets, the pullets are bigger and the Sillies are quick to let them know if they've stepped out of line. They do have a tendency to pick on my gentle natured Hamburgs


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May 13, 2009
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My silkies integrated well into my LF flock, but I have other bantam breeds as well. I had/have no problems! The silkies can and do put their foot down if someone is bothering them. Actually they tend to "get first dibs" when they want to feed, drink, and on any treats that are being given out. They are not mean, they are just higher up on the pecking order. Not quite as high as some of my other adult birds, but definitely higher than this years pullets and chicks. Good luck!


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I put my 2 (then) 10 week old silkies in with my 1 year old LF flock. There are 6 hens and a roo. They were pretty much ignored and they have sort of formed their own flock within the flock, and they dont stick around with the other hens when they free range. You should be fine, just watch them for the first day or so and remember that little silkies can get through much smaller holes then LF. (my silkies sqeezed through a 2"x4" gap in the chain link).

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