Puzzling suspicious death, another bird suspicious


12 Years
Jan 31, 2007
Ok, I had my favorite EE hen keel over out of nowhere. She was perfectly fine, then she was found dead just inside the locked coop door belly up.
This was Saturday morning, I was away until Sunday evening, I came home and examined her from beak to toe, not one mark on her, no signs of illness whatsoever, clean vent, nothing around the beak or nostrils. As I examined her, I smelled something that smelled somewhat like rotten eggs coming from her beak.

Didn't get around to burying her until Monday morning, at this time I notice blood dripping from her beak and pooling in the box she was in.

Now, I'm no doctor, done a bit of nursing tho, and I have never seen a 2 day old corpse bleed. I suspect poisoning cos I have a neighbor that hates my birds, however....Now my house bird has poo that smells just like the smell coming from my dead EE's beak.

Does anyone know what any of this means, or had the same thing happen?

I can't tell you anything else about this, other than my birds are in great health, have 16% layer feed and treats of watermelon and yogurt from time to time. They also have vitamins in their water and have been treated with Ivermec Eprinex for worms and parasites (precautionary, not cos they had worms) in the last month.

I just want to know what would kill a healthy bird in 12 hours time with no signs and symptoms AND if my other birds are at risk...or my family.....
Check your house bird's crop to make sure it is emptying overnight, sour crop could have killed the other hen.

If they have access to fresh cut grass that can ball up in the crop and block it and then the crop contents spoil causing sour crop.

If it was something like rat poison used vitamin K will cancel out some of the poisons used. A vet can give shots for that.
Could be but usually there is at least runny eyes if not the swollen head plus the odor. But as we all know these things can fool you.

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