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    Jun 3, 2011
    Evening all. I am sill in the throes of my build project. I am trying to source some PVC roofing panels in the UK for 30 pounds?
    The people over the pond call them Suntuf, and I have had a look around the usual suspects here but cannot find ones to my spec.
    I will need 2 x 10ft sheets (given the average width I have found to be 800mm,) I was hoping to get a Sun Grey tint but I have pretty much given up all hope of that here. Definately dont have the same variety of colors that the US have.
    I can only seem to find suppliers that sell 10pcs. And, living in Cumbria, god only knows how much it'll cost to ship.
    Does anybody know where else I could try?

    Look forward to your replies again.

    First pics will be posted soon!

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