PVC waterer/feeder opinions?

Discussion in 'Feeding & Watering Your Flock' started by nlsf, Mar 7, 2017.

  1. nlsf

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    Feb 19, 2017
    I've seen multiple people/ ads about pvc pipe feeders and waterers. I was wondering if anyone had experience/ opinions with them. I was thinking of getting a couple for my flock, that's in advance.

  2. PD-Riverman

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    Jan 14, 2012
    Conway SC
    I got 2 friends that have got them----they hate them---the chickens dump all the feed out of them. One said he still uses them but only puts enough feed for 1 day in them.
  3. tigger19687

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    I was lazy and bought the 2 inch, 2 foot pipe and the Y connecter.
    I found out that the bottom will mold if you leave it in the rain, but I had no choice till I get my bigger coop all set. It will be inside them.

    I found out that the Yogurt cup, upside down, fits in the bottom nice !. I glued mine but the pipe in the top is not glued so I can always still clean it out.
  4. hlhutchinson

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    Aug 26, 2015
    Casper Wyo
    IMG_7680.JPG I also use pvc pipe (1 1/2) with a y connecter they waist less feed with this method from what I was using before but still spill some out. I love the bucket with horizontal nipals for water (in winter plan on putting a bucket de-icer in it). I was able to get caps that fit inside (tigger used yougurt cup) then put an extension of pvc at the bottom (this holds in the cap) so that it would be higher off the ground. I did not glue any of it just pushed them all together so they can be taken apart and cleaned when needed

    IMG_7681.JPG This is for the inside of my coop, it will hold more feed then my outside one due to limited space, just need to install it (still a work in progress) if they spill to much of it I'll go with the y method and just fill it up more frequently.
    For winter I want to put a water system in my coop thinking about this but with horizontal nippels

    I have seen them for sale but they are very easy to make (you tube has a tone of how to) and so much cheaper then the ones you purchase

  5. firefowl

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    Dec 31, 2013
    Temperate Australia
    I've been using this PVC feeder for about 3 years [​IMG]

    Works well but my rooster would still flick some feed out, but much less than the other feeders I've used. I don't think that can be helped unless you train them not to do that somehow or use pellets. It keeps the feed dry and away from pests though and has a large reservoir so you don't have to refill often.

    This is the PVC water system I've been using for the same amount of time

    It's ok, but I overtightened one of the cups and damaged the thread so it's always leaking. The other major problem is that water stagnates in the cups and gets algae and also dust and dirt in it. That is because it works on a float switch so it fills up straight when empty.

    I've just setup a new system for my quail which uses a different type cup that only dispenses water when the birds peck on it, so it only dispenses water when the bird wants it. I think it's a far better system but I only built it on Saturday so yet to see how it performs.


    I built it from beaktime lubbing cups, 15mm pvc pipe, 15mm pvc end cap, 15mm pvc valve socket male thread, a irrigation female thread to 13mm barb, plumbing teflon tape, 13mm food grade hose and a beer fermenter with a tap as the reservoir.


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