Pyelonephritis Kidney infection anyone had this??

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    was the cause of my being the sickest I have been in my life. After 3 days in hospital. Now on 2 antibotics and pain pills I am just curious if anyone has any ideas for me. The hospital did several test including x-ray and cat scan but found no stones. Is it possible that the stone were undetected? I strongly feel I have kidney stones! Still have a 2 checkups to go to after I finish the antibotics. I have had a kidney infection for almost 9 months now and have been on antibotics 6 times before so I am not hopeful about the outcome of the new antibotics. I get better while taking them but a week after I finish it is right back worse than before. Do I need a MRI to find the stones? My fever ran 103.8 and I thought I was dying worst pain of my life just very scared it will go back there when the antibotics are finished. First check up next week what should I ask my Dr.
    Any advice accepted!
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    MRI not a bad suggestion. If its not stones maybe it will show something. Keep making the doctors try something until they find whatever. You shouldnt have to be sick like this ongoing. Ill pray for you. Good luck and I hope you feel better soon.
  3. I am just really scared. I am here by myself with a farm and several animals, and my stepson for the summer. Oh and the college classes online started yesterday. Really can't afford to be sick with no help till late July. 3 day stay in hospital put me so far behind it will take 2 weeks to fully catch back up at the rate I am restricted to. I just want to fix whatever it is that is wrong with me! My insurance thew a fit over the cat scan and the MRI I can only imagine will me much harder to get approved.
    Thank you for the prayers.
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    I have polycystic kidneys. There is polycystic kidney disease which I do not have and then there are kidneys which develop polyps and cysts. These can then plug up the works and both cause infection and be the source of new infections.

    My Cousins had to have the tubes connecting outside to bladder and bladder to kidney lengthened and essentially replaced with plastic. I was very very ill off and on for a number of years before they got mine under control. They kept treating me for UTIs and the treatment for UTI irritates the lining of the bladder and in my case made me worse.

    I am sorry this is happening to you. Have you had a blow to the kidney anytime recently? Mine got bad after a kick to the kidney.
  5. Thank you for the replies.
    Honestly I can not remember ever taking a shot to the kidneys. The only thing I have been to the Dr. for in the last 4 years is a kidney infection, each time getting worse. Last week being the worst pain in my life. I am convienced I have hidden stones or kidney problems, since it is not normal to have this many infection, and the degree of pain involved. My sisters was diagnosed with kidney disease as a child so I have true concerns. Hopefully I will find out more with specialized care.
    Thank you,
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    Quote:Fear is just a tactic the enemy uses to get us down. As far as insurance goes, they never like paying out, but thats its purpose. Dont be to hard on yourself, and do the best you can, if you need a break take it. When youre feeling better accomplish what you can. things will work out
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    I have polycystic kidneys. Constant bleeding from my kidneys and frequent UTIs. Suddenly just stopped about 6 months ago. The cysts are gone and so are the constant UTIs. A recent CT scan confirmed it. [​IMG] but I'm grateful.

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