Pygmy Goat lost his companion

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    We have a 8 year old male pygmy who lost his pot belly pig companion after 7 years. We adopted him from a herd at almost a year old and brought him home to live with a pot belly pig named Molly. Molly passed away on December 6, 2016 and left Jeremiah the goat by himself. He does not seem to be depressed, but is being very picky with what he eats.

    Is his picky eating normal?
    And, should we get him another companion?
    If we were to get another pygmy goat, should it be a male, female or even a baby? (Not sure how he would react).

    There is a barn cat in the same barn with Jeremiah, but he too is getting old and does not do much but sleep.
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    If the feed is of good quality, being a picky feeder is not expected. Is he losing weight? I am assuming your male goat is a wether, not a buck. I would consider getting him another wether as a companion. One thing to consider if you get another goat. Do you have another pen? Sometimes it is better to introduce the two in a neutral pen, not the same one that the first goat considers home. You can put the two back in the original pen in a few days. This is not essential, but it is helpful.

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