Pyncheon Bantams 2 week old sexing help


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Mar 26, 2015
I wanted to ask is their a way to tell with a 2 week old Pyncheon chick on it sex if you can see it and look at it? Or any help with the comb area to look for or tail feathers to help telling the sex?

Chick 1

Chick 2

Also got I think it is a sultan

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The wing feathering, tail, shoulder coverts and the head will give you signals as to sex. Pullets have faster feathering that is expressed by their hormones.

I can't see the shoulders or tail on this chick, but it appears to be a female with the length of wing feathering at this age.

Feathering in the photo is long and staggered on the primaries, secondaries, and beyond. The wing feathers reach almost to where the tail is on the bird.

You'll see shoulder coverts appear on hens at ten days, along with a lengthened tail (can't see this on your photos).

Finally the tassel size is sort of a hint in yellow-downed chicks.

For some reason, Pyncheons have had problems in the last few years with tassels.

The pullets appear to have a better tasseling at hatch then the cockerels.

Some cockerels will appear to be consorts (plain-headed) instead of coronas.

Both sexes should have a nice tassel at hatch, not just the hens.

Young cock-birds have a more rounded wing, lots of down, hardly any tail at around 10-12 days.
But I can't see the shoulders and tail in this photo.

It looks like a very nice little chick.

How did it turn out and where did you get it?

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