Pyncheon, Dutch, D'anver, D'uccle & EE bantams (Green Bay, WI)

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    Sep 15, 2013
    I have some extra bantams, mostly roosters, but some pairs. They are 4-5 weeks old, healthy, I just have too many. Prices are listed, but I'll take reasonable offers. I have never shipped before and would prefer not to, though I might consider it. The chicks are also very tame because I handle my chicks a lot.

    Pyncheons: I am not sure excatly how many I have of what yet (the hardest to sex for me) but I should have at least one pair, and maybe two, or an extra rooster. $15 for a pair, $5 for a lone rooster.

    Dutch: 2 roosters (golden or light brown) and 1 Dutch hen (black). Will only sell the hen with a rooster. $10 for a pair, $3 for just a roo

    D'anver: 1 pair quail D'anver. $10

    D'Uccle: 1 mottled rooster, 1 porcelain rooster. $3 each

    Easter Egger bantams: I will have probably have 2 roosters to sell, but I can't tell gender on these yet (they are week younger than the other chicks) so I will be a week or so til I can tell for sure. $3 each.


    Production Reds: sexed pullets, I have 3-4 of these left, same age as the EE bantams. $5 each.

    I have photos if you want them, but they are one my phone.

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