Q: Tell me about Purina's connection to backyard flocks.

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    At Purina Animal Nutrition, we are proud to raise chickens, much like you. In fact, our poultry focus is on backyard flocks.

    To provide optimal nutrition, we have backyard chickens of our own at the Purina Animal Nutrition Center in Gray Summit, Missouri. Our multiple breeds of chickens call 12 small coops with runs home. Each of our 12 coops can house 15 full-size hens. We designed these coops to replicate how people are raising poultry at home today.

    This set-up helps us evaluate nutrition’s role in young chick development, egg quality and shell strength, in addition to breeding and feed palatability studies. This setting is important because backyard birds require different care and nutrients than those in a commercial setting.

    Our team of chicken keepers is passionate about our girls and understands it is more than just feeding our birds; we are feeding our families.
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  2. very interesting...
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    I love that quote at the end. My way of thinking about it!
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