Qestion...14 week old "girls" added pics

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  1. None of my "girls" have crowed yet. Is it safe to assume they are indeed girls? Two still PEEP. The other two sort of mutter "buck, buck, buck" never anything loud...unless they get startled.
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    My two roosters didn't crow until about 14 weeks. I have a polish and a hamburg. Some roosters crow early, some don't. I don't think it's completely safe to judge by that alone. Some roosters don't crow until they're 6 months old or older.

    By that age they should have developed some secondary sex characteristics. How is comb and wattle development? Do you have some with noticeably larger combs and wattles? Do you have some with longer, possibly curved tail feathers? Do you have some with pointy saddle feathers (the feathers on their back at the base of the tail)? Those are going to be your obvious ways of telling the difference.
  3. all the other things...comb size, waddle size, feather shape indicate pullets to me. But in the past I have been told i have roos. Almost all of them. So I wonder. I might grab em and take individual pics later of them.
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    Depends on the breed. With some, I'm not sure until I see them get up from the nest having left an egg. Even so, often in a rooless flock one of the girls will become the roo. Get bigger waddles and comb, crow, but still often lay eggs. Strange. [​IMG]
  5. here they are. Dizzy ( squats and cackles some when she nests in the mornings) wouldn't hold still before the camera batteries died so we'll start with her first since she's only got one pic...






    and lastly Daisy...


    now i say she and gave them all girl names, knowing they may be he's and need boy names instead.
  6. some of the pics appear pixelated on my screen, but i hope you can get the gist of what i am trying to show...
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    I'd say all pullets, and very pretty too! I'd like to see a full body shot of Dixie. I love her coloring!
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    hey you almost have the same set of 4 that we have. they turned 14 (weeks) on wednesday. we substituted a 'dixie' for a RIR though. i posted some pix today.

    i also don't know well enough what they are, but maybe my photos will help if you can't get good ones of yours

  9. yay!!

    Dixie is my fave, she has the puffed out cheeks and everything. I'll get a pic of her for you tomorrow. It's already dark here or i would get a pic now.

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    Jul 11, 2008
    Could you get a better pic of Dizzy ?? Im leaning towards rooster !! A fully body shot would help.

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