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    Jan 3, 2017
    Northern, Indiana
    I am selling my 3 chickens I hatched from Meyer Hatchery on Jan. 27th, 2017. I am going with all ducks and quails. So I need to sell my chickens. Price is negotiobale!

    I'm unsure of gender. Many people on here have said the RIR is a Pullet and one of the Australorps are also. They ARE TRUE PUREBREEDS. NOT MIXED! Bought the eggs from Meter Hatchery and hatched them! I will ship but buyer must pay the listed below. Also if anyone lives near me Griffith,Indiana 46319. We can meet up and transfer the birds to you! I'm only willing to drive as far as Tractor Supply In Saint John,Indiana. Otherwise birds must be picked up or shipped.

    Had 8 listed sold 5. Now only 3 are left and they must all go together. $30 for all 3.

    Buyer Must Pay For:
    • The Birds
    • Box (If Shipping Is Needed)
    • Shipping (If Shipping Is Needed)
    Chicken Breeds:
    - Rhode Island Red (1x) -Black Australorp (2x)
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