Quad of Lavender Project Orpington birds - local pick up only

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    Local pick up only, no shipping.

    I have 3 Lavender Project pullets available and your choice of a Lavender Roo or a Split Black cockerel (or both!) to go with the ladies. Nice start to a new project or you or just add to your current flock for some lovely eye candy!

    The lavender birds were hatched out last August and I got them from a local breeder who got her stock from Hinkjc. The pullets are great layers, I'm getting an egg nearly every day from all three of them.

    The split black cockerel is from my F1 hatch, crossing my lavender's to my black english style Orps (bamachicken's line).

    I am gearing up to hatch out my next generation, keeping one of my Lavender roo's and breeding him to my F1 pullets, and I desperately need the room.

    This is the Lav Rooster available to go with the ladies:

    I have 3 black split cockerels for you to choose from and they are 10-11 wks old as of this weekend.

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