Quad of Pilgrim Geese Available

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    Aug 15, 2009
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    I have a quad of Pilgrim Geese that I'm willing to let go to someone who really wants them, I only ask that you make me a fair offer. As much as I enjoy these geese, my 1.25 acres just isn't big enough for them and all my other projects. I used to let them roam the 'hood, but they found my neighbors garden the other afternoon (1/4 mile away), and I've had to ground them since. One gander, three geese. Proven breeders in the crew. They make excellent watch dogs, but are relatively quiet otherwise. Excellent meat quality as well as I deep pit one for Easter and it was the hit of the party. Good egg layers, for geese.

    You'll have to be willing to pick up. I live in Visalia, California, south of Fresno and north of Bakersfield. Hate to see them go, but I figure I'd offer them to the BYC community first, before I post flyers at the feed stores.

    Metzer Farm stock, two are spring hatchlings (12-15 weeks) and two are just over a year old. Hope someone finds this too good an offer to refuse.

    PM me if you're interested.

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