Quail and Chickens - disease control

Discussion in 'Quail' started by pixie74943, Nov 14, 2017.

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    Hello! I'm going to ask about Chickens and Quail living NEAR each other.

    I know they shouldn't live together for all the behavioural / food / disease reasons, but I want to know...

    - How close is too close? I have a small yard and while they birds would be separated, I'm not sure if they'll be separate enough.
    - Can quails make chickens sick? What I have read says that Chickens may carry Coryza that can make the quail sick, but is there anything that goes the other way.
    - whenever I clean out the budgie cage I dump the waste into the chicken pen, and they clean up any spilled / uneaten food. Is there any risks in doing the same with the Quail waste?
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    They say 20 feet apart keeps disease from spreading. However always remember, your hands and shoes carry more than the wind will ever blow. Never share feeders, waterers, equipment or cleaning utensils.

    All birds become immune to thier environment, in other words, whats always in the pen and doesn't kill them, generally they become immune too. Quail are far more susceptible to chicken diseases, however chickens too can pick up things from your quail. So practice strict bio security between the two. And I would be very careful with introducing budgie waste into chicken or quail pens. Risky.

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