quail and cracked corn

corn is in most feeds so I don't see why not, just limit it id' say as it's not really that benifital to anyone or anything (great in winter time though for most pets as it helps with internal heat). This is just MY thoughts on it.
My guys get cooked brown rice, boiled eggs, bird seed millet (as a treat), bugs etc
The only problem I would see is the corn is bigger and harder than there food-- could it choke them? . I saw on another post that you feed cat food. Can I ask why?? What other treats do you feed?
Cat food (kitten food) because it's specifically forumulated with higher protien i learned about it here: http://www.ncws.com/mcdonald/CareFeed.htm and heres the quote on it "At Bracken Ridge Ranch, we use a custom formula chick starter blend.. which consists roughly of: 1 cup of Gamebird starter crumbles (run through a food blender), 1 cup high protein kitten chow (run through a blender) and 1/2 cup of a good quality finch seed."

I use cat because I don't have any kittens anymore but i am considering buyingab ag of kitten food specifically for the birds.
Ifi can keep my cats out of it!

As for the cracked corn choaking them, depends, if you thnk it's too big maybe crush or grind it up some?
OH and as for other treats, well i may repeat myself here but

Boiled egg atleast once a week chopped up and smooshed with a fork

greens (just freshly picked from the yard- some are interseted in it others arent)

crickets (mmm tehy loooove those hunt them down too lol)!


left overs of rice, stale bread, even meat

We give are white and butler bobwhite scratch grains and also blends of bird lovers seed only as treats..

Other than that they are on the game bird program and diets... We do give grit to help them break it down.., but they love the stuff. Its one way to get your freaky birds to love you.. treats, treats and more treats.. meal or wax worms are also on the list of treats..

Also they love nice sand baths..i buy play sand and put it in a box with DE or hard wood ash and they go to town in it.. at least once a week here they get a sand/ash bath..

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Do you have any pics of your different bob whites you could post... I have been looking for a certain type bob white that I saw on ebay along time ago and can't remember the name. It was mostly white if I remember right

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