Quail babies tucking their heads

Chic Chick

11 Years
Dec 30, 2008
East Central Alberta
This is my first time with baby quail and 25/36 hatched from eggs I bought at an auction.
There are a couple that seemed healthy when I took them out of the bator, but last night one started chirping loudly and had it's head tucked down under it's breast and kept walking backwards.
This morning I found another one like it.
What is the problem or what disease is it and should I be worried about all the others?
i'd heard of disease where they kinda do the opposite, head straight up, not sure about down. maybe just messing around. If you have tried to straighten them out, do they go right back to it, like they are being pulled down? Almost as if they can't lift their head up.

Does it just come and go, and is it always the same chicks? easy way to tag chicks is magic marker on the foot.

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