Quail born with a mass hanging begind him

Discussion in 'Quail' started by Quailbait, Aug 26, 2016.

  1. Quailbait

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    Jul 1, 2016
    [​IMG]One of my new quail was born today & he has a mass hanging from the back of him, like a big testical,can anyone tell me if they've seen this before & what is the probability of survival[​IMG]
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  2. eHuman

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    Mar 14, 2016
    Bump. It's still doing fine this morning but all are still in the bator so haven't eaten yet. Once they do I think the lil guy may be in danger.

    Thoughts anyone?
  3. DK newbie

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    Apr 20, 2015
    To me, he looks very much like one that's going to die no matter what you do. But I don't have any experience with this exact issue.
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  4. eHuman

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    Mar 14, 2016
    I thought so too but he's doing well in the brooder so far and it is shrinking a little. Poor little guy has been subject to "hey what's that?!?" pecking by his mates. Finally turned around and gave what-for instead of launching forward.
  5. allbirds4me

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    Jun 12, 2015
    that's a non absorbed yolk sac, sorry but that's a lot left out to expect it to survive.
  6. Wickedchicken6

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    Nov 7, 2015
    Southwestern MB, Canada
    I don't have quail, but I have chicks hatching right now and I had a hen peck at her hatching egg and she not only broke the yolk sac but she also pecked a hole in his abdomen just under his anus. I put a regular bandage across what I thought was left of the yolk sac and he was like that for the night. I had to remove the bandage and place the new bandage differently so he could go to the bathroom. I discovered that it was a loop of intestine hanging out of the hole...it was easier to see once some of the mess had dried overnight. But so far this chick has survived the broken yolk sac and injury from his mom. He's on his fourth day right now.

    If you can separate him from the other chicks in his own separate brooder, I would suggest that. You don't want the other chicks to perforate the yolk sac. This is really important.
    If you can't separate him because you have no other place for him, then I suggest covering the yolk sac with something that will protect the yolk sac; a Band-Aid, a small sterile piece of dressing pad kept in place with medical tape...something like this so no chick can pick it. If he's made it this far I think there's a good chance he could make it.

    This is how I covered the hole in my chick's abdomen...

    [​IMG] [​IMG]


    If you bandage the yolk sac, it'll need to be loose enough to be forgiving when the chick moves but still tight enough so the other chicks don't have access to it.
    The X configuration allows the chick to poop and also keeps the band-aid on the body, not on the legs reducing any movement and shifting.
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  7. eHuman

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    Mar 14, 2016
    What a cutie! Apparently it has corrected itself over the last two days. 44 healthy chicks in a 2'x4' brooder. We are going to float test the remaining 10 this evening. We were worried for the little guy but all appears well.

    Thank you for the wonderful advice!

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