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Oct 15, 2020
I have a 1 year old quail hen, she's very lethargic, and when i try to get her to stand she either falls forward, or does this weird head movement like she's stuck on something, and sometimes she looks like she's trying to swollow something. right now i have her in a basket of hay, and she's sleeping. she also looks and feels like she has air in her crop, this only happened today, please help!
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she also looks and feels like she has air in her crop,
Sorry about your gal. :(

I know only a little about quail and plenty about chickens. It sounds like a possible crop issue.. impacted or sour crop. See if this chicken link helps at all..

Has she passed any droppings since you've had her in the basket? What do you feed? When did she last lay? Anything else that might give clues?

Another condition comes to mind caller wry neck or torticollis.. caused by nutrient deficit.. sometime from wrong feed or too many treats but also possibly caused by crop or blockage/absorption issues..

@007Sean I feel like you might have some quail experience IIRC. Are you able to offer any insight to this situation? TIA

she hasn't pooped yet, she last layed the day before yesterday, her egg was a reddish colour, and when she was younger i fed her this starter, which was all i could find of quail food, now i feed her whatever is on hand like mealworms, oats, millet, crickets, sunflower seeds, ect. i also give her multivitamin supplements, any suggestions of quail food that ships to canada will help too!
edit: she just pooped, it's white and runny
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is reddish her normal egg color? I'm also not a quail person. is the trying to swallow thing a symptom of gapeworm?

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