Quail chick using whole leg to walk instead of feet? [Pictures]

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  1. SeptemberQuail

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    Oct 10, 2012
    Meet little Snow. She's one of the smallest of the chicks. Named her that because she was lighter than the rest. She's the only one who will sit on my hand, and sleep without attempting to run away. [​IMG]

    Now, my problem.

    You see, for the past 4 days of her life, she's been wobbling when she was running; I thought it was because of her feet, she was born with curled toes but they healed themselves.

    Compared to her other siblings who seem to be able to freely run away from my hand when changing their food and rag, she would wobble to follow them and on the occasion, trip. Even her younger siblings are capable of running faster and further then her.

    I was watching her today, and took her out for a second. I realized that she, instead of walking on her feet like her siblings and friends do, she uses her whole leg the whole time.

    (These photo's were supposed to be size comparison for my friends. ^.^)

    She was calling to her friends. Using her whole leg for balance.


    Her legs are in a kind of 'V' shape.


    You can see her leaning on her legs no matter what. That's how she runs, walks and all.

    I've never seen her jump before like her friends do.

    (Yeah, she pooped.)


    I'm just wondering what this could be. Is it the lack of vitamins? (Does she need more vitamin B? If so, would it be that Poly-vi-sol liquid vitamins?) Or do you think it's just a leg problem that would need something like leg braces (example) or other.

    She's my most adored chick, I absolutely love her!

    I just want her to grow up as a healthy and happy quail hen (or maybe roo, but I'm just going to say she's a she.)

    Any ideas and suggestions are greatly appreciated!


    This is what I'm aiming for, for improvement of her feet:
    (Yeah, my amazing drawing skills. xD)
    Credit to FrozenDirect.com for image.

    The red marks the current leg structure, blue arrows show the direction their legs are, and the orange dots are the joints of their legs.


    (Sorry for the giant spaces, it keeps converting from basic to rich text editor, and keeps spacing out everything.
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  2. chickenzoo

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    Since.she is smaller than her siblings I think it may be due to underdeveloped.tendons. I would try this... Take a tall narrow glass..put a small none slip fabric or paper towel at bottom....or put a toilet paper roll in a glass stuffed with paper to keep it upright. Put the chick inside it. You want it to be narrow enough that the chick can't sit down. This will force it to exercise those tendons. Only take chick out to eat and drink. Keep chick wa but don't let it overheat. Try this for a day...then see if any improvent. If none in three days she may stay that way.
  3. Trefoil

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    Dec 7, 2011
    first of all , I have no experience with quail leg problems, but that doesn't sound like a good idea to me, I wouldn't do it to a guinea keet or a chick. Have you done a search on leg problems in newly hatched poultry? I would definitely try giving it vitamins. Chickenzoo -have you successfully used this method ? Can he straighten his legs out?
  4. froggiesheins

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    Oct 14, 2010
    Jurupa Valley, CA
    Dang I wish I knew what thread has this information about using a "sling" for fuzzy-butt just like chickenzoo is talking about! Maybe you can find it september quail? :hugs
    Is fuzzy on medicated chick starter feed and vitamin water?
  5. chickenzoo

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    I have used the "shot glass" method on many chicks with success. The sooner it is done the better the results. You are trying to make the chick brace itself against the side of the glass or roll and exercise the muscles that did not strengthen during pipping of the egg.
  6. SeptemberQuail

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    Oct 10, 2012
    She's on 22% gamebird finisher (they don't have gamebird starter non-medicated here so far), and she's just drinking regular tap water.
    She's a 5 day old quail chick, so ... I might try the cup thing, if I can find a cup small enough.

    If I were to give her vitamins, how much would I give? I mean, she's tiny compared to a chicken chick...
    Thanks for the current replies!
  7. chickenzoo

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    You can put the vitamins in a plastic bottle cap and just let her drink it.
  8. chickenzoo

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    Another method I've done, but they don't like it.... Is take a heavy piece of square cardboard etc... Take some duct tap and position the legs and feet in the proper position on the board. Tape just the feet down on the board...making sure to press between the toes and only tape to where the toes meet the foot. Take a piece and tape from the back side of the foot to the board. Ball up a piece of paper towel and tuck between her legs to push them in proper width and not v. This also gives her something to sit on and keeps her off her leg bones. Put shallow water and food in front of her. Do this for a few days. Keep her seperated and warm while doing this, if she has a nice friend you can put one in with her but watch they don't pick on her. It is best to put her in a clear plastic box so she can see her friends...... I've fixed chicks this way too but the sooner the better.
  9. SeptemberQuail

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    Oct 10, 2012
    We tried that today. Little Snow (as you said) hated it. I squeezed a tissue inbetween her legs and she kept falling forward. It did a good job of keeping her legs apart and feet in the right position, but she kept falling forward, the poor little thing.
    She kept trying to pull her feet out of the grasp of the bandaids. When I put her in the brooder to drink water, the other quails curiously pecked at her cardboard foot (it was cute, but annoying for her).
    So we took it off. We can't watch her 24/7..

    I'll try the cup, and if that doesn't work... I'll think of something else.
    But thank you chickenzoo!

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